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Why put on make-up every day, when you can just have it ready to go? Learn more about how to achieve defined eyebrows and perfectly shaped lips, at Lashes & More by Ogie & Co.

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Ogie can place semi-permanent colour pigments just under the first layer of your skin, to give fuller, darker and more defined eyebrows. We offer Solid, Micro-blading, Ombre, Feathering and other types of cosmetic tattooing. If you’re unsure which cosmetic tattooing technique would best suit your face, Ogie offers a free half-hour consultation.

Eyebrow Tattoo $550
Touch-up after 4 weeks $100

A great new look

Full Lip Colour

Full lip colour defines your lips and creates the illusion of fullness. Correctly contoured and well-defined lips are key to looking more youthful and energetic! As people age, your lips lose their colour, fullness, definition and thickness, so cosmetic tattoos can work wonders to mask this process. This permanent procedure will make your lips look more attractive without lipstick.

Full lip colour $550

Our cosmetic tattooing

Lip Liner

This cosmetic tattooing procedure defines your lip line to give you a perfectly shaped lip structure. If you have uneven lips, this procedure will reshape your lips. No more drawing lip lines!

Lip liner $350

Eyeliner Tattoo

Love eyeliner but tired of applying it every day? A permanent eyeliner will never smudge or let you down, even if you go for a swim. And think of all that time you’ll save! Additionally, you can have an eyelash enhancement on your bottom lash line, using pigments to darken your lash line.

Eyeliner tattoo $550

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