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Lashes & More is a boutique beauty salon specialising in eyelash extension services. Whether you’re going for a look that’s natural or lush, book your service with Ogie and other lash artists who has industry experience and love what they do. Our aim is to make the most natural-looking, comfortable and light set of lashes for our customers while you are relaxing on our comfortable recliner chairs…

Please note, our beauty salon doesn’t do eyelash extensions infill from other salons as we use different products and methods. If it’s your first visit to our salon and you still have some extensions, please book an eyelash removal service together with a new eyelash extension set to achieve the best result.

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Natural Classic Set

Want a natural look? Or do you have delicate fine lashes? Or simply is it just your first time trying lash extensions on? With our natural eyelash extensions, we apply individual lashes onto your natural lashes, using the best quality materials and advanced lash extensions technique. We’ll guide you to choose your style. This set is suitable for everyday wear.

New set: $110 ***NEW CLIENT_ONE TIME ONLY $55*** 
Infills: $66 (within 3 weeks)

$88 (within 4 weeks)

We'll re-shape your lashes

Hybrid Set

The most popular eyelash extensions at our beauty salon! The half classic and half volume eyelash extensions give a fuller, darker look, giving a noticeable presence without being too dramatic. This set covers all your natural lashes and the best choice for everyday wear for many. And it goes without saying, you can choose the style and length of the lashes with our artists.

New set: $130
Infills: $88 (within 3 weeks)

$109 (within 4 weeks)

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Volume Set

We take pride in our handmade Volume lashes. This kind of sets require the right technique and experience from the lash artists. All of our artists qualified and experienced in Russian Volume lash technique.


This set may take up to 2 hours depends on the natural lash condition and number of natural lashes you have. We create each fans totally tailored to your eye shape, preference and natural lash conditions.


Our Volume sets are combination of 2D, 3D handmade fans create a beautiful soft but fluffy fuller lashes.

Mega Volume lashes are up to 10D lashes. We only offer HANDMADE Volume lashes  which looks fluffy and feels light and comfortable on your eyes without giving you too heavy feeling. We totally customize the sets depends on your preference and eye shape and lash condition. These sets suitable for someone who desires darker, fuller look. The best thing is this set feels as light as classic set of lashes!

Volume set:  $150

Infills:   $99 (within 3 weeks)

$120 (within 4 weeks)


Mega Volume set:  $180

Infills:  $120 (within 3 weeks)

$149 (within 4 weeks)

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Eyelash Tint

If you have naturally long, thick lashes, an eyelash tint will enhance them by adding colour and definition to the eye. The dye is similar to what you already use on your hair, but it’s been adapted for the delicate skin around the eye. You can choose from black, dark brown and brown colours. Additionally, you can tint your eyebrows to match to your eyelash colour. Make sure you remove any contact lenses before getting your eyelash tinted, to avoid eye irritation! Avoid applying mascara immediately after the treatment, and your eyelash tint will last around a month, with low or no maintenance involved.

Eyelash Tint $30
Eyebrows Tint $30
Both $50

The best lashes on the Gold Coast

Eyelash Lift

An eyelash lift is like a perm for your lashes. For those among us with naturally dark lashes, a lash lift will plump them up to be curlier, more fanned out and with more volume. After the treatment, please avoid rubbing your eyes and don’t use any products on them for at least 24 hours. The result of the treatment lasts 6-8 weeks and there is no need to visit our beauty salon for maintenance.

Lash Lift $100
Lash Lift + Tint $120

We'll tint your lashes

Eyelash Removal

Our salon doesn’t do eyelash extensions infill from other salons. If it’s your first visit to our salon and you still have some extensions, please book an eyelash removal service along with your new set of eyelashes.

Eyelash Removal $30

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